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Gun Sails

Gun Sails 2022 Raise

Gun Sails 2022 Raise

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This year Gun Sails introduced the third generation of our freeride foil sail Raise. To meet the wishes of the many foil surfers, our R&D has further developed many details. Extremely light and easy to handle, the Raise is designed for both the foil beginner and the advanced pilot. This sail will get you up in the air quickly with its combination of performance and ease of use.

Key Facts:
  • 2 cambers / 6 battens freeride foil sail
  • Foil specific sail foot
  • Minimal loose leech for more flight stability and neutrality
  • Offset clew, two clew eyelets for more trimming flexibility
  • Reduced weight for better handling
  • Agile, powerful profile for better pumping
  • Neoprene cover on boom opening for more aerodynamics


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