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Gun Sails

Gun Sails 2022 Rapid

Gun Sails 2022 Rapid

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The freerace sail Rapid performs powerfully with its sporty 7-batten slalom outline and all that without camber in a light freeride manner. Yet No Cam does not imply a loss of performance. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - early planing, instant acceleration and exhilarating top speed are the Rapid’s hallmarks.

Key Facts:
  • Camberless freerace sail with easy handling
  • Offset clew, inner eyelet for more control and handling, outer eyelet for more low wind performance
  • More square-ply in the sail top for lighter feel and stability
  • 7/7 Cross Batten Concept for maximum profile stability and aerodynamics, all battens are tube battens
  • RDM compatible up to 6.7 sqm, more handling with equal performance


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