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Gun Sails

Gun Sails 2022 Seal

Gun Sails 2022 Seal

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To describe the Seal in three words: It is fast, agile and maneuverable. In 2022, the 4-batten Core Wave Sail remains the ideal choice for radical wave maneuvers and strong wind conditions. With its stretched outline, enabled by the slightly longer luff curve and shortened boom, the Seal is light and controllable even in high-wind conditions. The Seal convinces with its easy handling and direct performance - in any kind of wave.

Key Facts:
  • The lightest GUNSAILS Wave Sail
  • 100% X-Ply / Square-Ply and Kevlar Warp Laminates for the most extreme use
  • New two-piece mast foot protector provides more protection for mast and board
  • Perfect mix of drive, control and neutrality
  • Only RDM compatible


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