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Gun Sails

Gun Sails 2022 Torro

Gun Sails 2022 Torro

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We celebrate 15 years of Torro! No other GUNSAILS model has ever accomplished such a milestone. For 15 years, the Torro has mastered all disciplines, whether wave, freestyle or freeride. The All Terrain Freemove sail has always impressed with its versatility and its wide range of use. Due to these and many more reasons, the Torro represents the all-time favorite model of many GUNSAILS customers: a freemove sail that can simply provide more.

Key Facts:
  • Best all-round characteristics from freeride, freestyle to wave
  • Ideal combination of easy handling and performance
  • 70% X-ply for durability, 3 mil square ply in top section for a smooth riding experience
  • Size-specific design and batten concept from more handling in the smaller sizes to more freeride in the bigger sizes
  • Reduced Boom Length: shorter boom for both compact handling and powerful acceleration
  • Only RDM compatible (6.6 and 6.9 sqm also tolerate SDM)


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