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Marlow Formuline, Marble, per meter

Marlow Formuline, Marble, per meter

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Marlow Formuline is the best for downhaul/outhaul, for most windsurfing extensions, it is recommended to use the formuline for easier downhaul as the rope has a very low stretch as compared to other type of ropes. If you are purchasing for ratchet extensions(such as Duotone extensions), please see the Formula X.

Please note the amount purchased here is per meter, Quantity of 1 = 1meter.

  • Rope Diameter: 3.8mm
  • Weight (Kg/100m): 0.89
  • Average Breakload: 619kg
  • Minimum Breakload: 569kg
  • Color: Marble
  • Excellent cleat performance
  • Firm and round
  • Flexible product and easily handled
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High strength
  • Low elongation
  • Very light weight


Downhaul = 1.5m or 2m

Outhaul = 1.5m


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