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Phantom 2023 Iris Fuselage Evo

Phantom 2023 Iris Fuselage Evo

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Depending on wind range and sailing style, you will be required to use a different fuselage. Please see below for more explanation.

Material: Aluminium 6061 T6


  • 90cm - 8-25kts Wind, Freeride
  • 100cm - 8-35kts+ Wind, Slalom and Speed
  • 100cm PWA - Front wing moved backward in order to reduce the stress on the mast, Available in Jan 2023.
  • 110cm - 6-25kts Wind, Course Racing

**The 2023 Fuselages are only compatible with 2021 and later front wings**

**The 2023 Fuselages are only compatible with all rear wings**

**The 2023 Fuselages are compatible with all masts**

  • Pre 2021 Fuselages front wing connections 3x M8 + 1x M6 Screws
  • 2021 and later fuselages front wing connections 3x M6 Screws 


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