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Tabou 2023 Da Curve

Tabou 2023 Da Curve

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Da curve hardcore wave board best for side shore wave, It is offered in 4 different volumes.

  • Straighter rocket on 96 and 88 for enhanced planing performance for heavier riders and light-wind conditions
  • Those aiming for tight turns and lighter riders will benefit from the increased curvature on the 82 and 76
  • The outline with its narrow nose and pinch tail enables incredibly radical turning and looseness.
  • A medium width allows quick rail to rail riding.
  • Initiating turns becomes super easy, while also grip during turns is added.
  • More curvature near the rails adds impressive grip on the rail.
  • Three slotboxes reduce the weight significantly.
  • Double density pads, protection for you and your board in rough conditions and tough landings.
  • You can choose between more classic and new school stances thanks to the 6-hole front insert.


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