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Gun Sails

Gun Sails 2022 Vector

Gun Sails 2022 Vector

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The Vector embodies slalom feeling with an extra of lightness and handling. Planing power, top speed and maximum acceleration are meeting damping and comfort, as this is not a contradiction. Even at high speeds, the power delivery is more continuous and controllable thanks to the slightly softer tuned profile.

Key Facts:
  • 3 Cam High Performance Freeracer with best planing and maximum control
  • Wide, aerodynamic 3D mast sleeve with zipper openings for easy access to the cambers
  • Offset clew, inner eyelet for more control and handling, outer eyelet for more low wind performance
  • 7/7 Cross Batten concept for maximum profile stability and aerodynamics, all battens are tube battens
  • Tack Strap, regulates the foot tension and improves profile efficiency
  • Air Flow aligned battens and neoprene cover on the boom cutout for even more aerodynamics


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