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Marlow Formula X, White, per meter

Marlow Formula X, White, per meter

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Marlow Formula X is the best for downhaul/outhaul, and especially for ratchet downhauls such as duotone extension. Please note the amount purchased here is per meter, Quantity of 1 = 1meter.

  • Rope Diameter: 3.8mm
  • Weight (Kg/100m): 0.89
  • Average Breakload: 619kg
  • Minimum Breakload: 569kg
  • Color: White
  • Excellent cleat performance
  • Firm and round
  • Flexible product and easily handled
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High strength
  • Low elongation
  • Very light weight


Downhaul = 1.5m or 2m

Outhaul = 1.5m


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